Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Old Things

We have a really old clock in our living room; it was built in the 1860's. Once it may have chimed the hour but now it thunks, though quite reliably and accurately. It's actually a very pleasant sound in its own way. My wife winds it once a week, two keyholes, one for the clock, one for the thunk. You can tell it needs winding when the two small brick-like weights become visible in the window near the base of the clock. They hang by cords that look like baling twine. Winding the clock makes them retreat aloft into their places behind the mechanism to begin their week-long journey toward the base.

The clock has been in my wife's family for generations and I'm sure one of our kids will get it when we're gone. I hope whoever does will feel as comforted by the thunk as I do.

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