Monday, May 24, 2010

New Mexico morning

Our Grandson Nick and I arrived in Santa Fe yesterday afternoon to begin our five day New Mexico tour, a present for his high school graduation.  Both of us were exhausted from the graduation festivities: the ceremony at 7:00 pm on Friday, Senior Night at the civic center from 11:00 pm that night until 5:30 am on Saturday morning (I was photographing the fun), two baseball games starting at 1:00 pm where he played third in the first and pitched the final three innings of the second, and a home run contest which he entered.  Our plane left Lafayette at 7:15 Sunday morning so we were up at 4:30 to make the flight.  You can do the math and see there were not a lot of sleep hours left in the weekend.

Anyway, we're here and it's now Monday morning a little before seven, mountain time.  I've been awake about an hour but Nick's still out.  He's breathing through his mouth as he sleeps due to getting kicked in the nose at one of the Senior Night activity stations.  Considering there were over ninety kids exploring a dozen activities over six hours with only two minor injuries, it was a pretty safe night.  Nick's nose is hurting some so he's been taking Tylenol and using an ice pack regularly, but he was eager to take the trip even though I offered to postpone it until later in the year.

I am amazed at the growth in the city since the trip Carol and I made here ten or fifteen years ago.  There's a lot of sprawl in all directions but The Plaza is still much like I remember.  We're staying at the Old Santa Fe Inn, just three blocks away.  We walked around the area for a couple of hours before checking in because we arrived at the Inn a little after one and the former tenants had left only minutes before.  They had the room ready by three and both of us napped for a couple of hours shortly after checking in.  When we finally woke, we dined at a cafe a block away then came back to the room and watched TV and fell asleep around eleven.

The weather is magnificent!  It was about eighty, sunny, windy, with almost no humidity yesterday and I believe that's today's prediction.  Nick remarked that it was a funny feeling to be hot and cool at the same time.  When he rises, we'll decide what to do today.

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