Saturday, June 12, 2010

Saturday night rain

Sitting on the porch listening to the rain, thunder rumbling in the distance, cats wandering from the house to the porch and back to urge me to come to bed so they can settle in all around me.  I just heard footsteps on the road.  I wonder who would be walking in the rain late in the evening.  From the steady, unhurried pace I'd surmise they were enjoying the walk on this pleasantly cool night.  Lights are on in Gail's house, but I think she's a night person anyway.  Bob's bathroom night light is on.  No other lights are visible.

I don't know why the sound of rain is so calming to me.  Maybe because I'm an Aquarius, the water bearer.  No matter, I'd rather listen than analyze anyway.

The steps are back.  They sound female.  They are gone again, disappearing quickly rather than fading, almost like she left the ground.  Fireflies flickering now, though it's still raining softly.  It's June so this qualifies as a summer rain even though we're more than a week away from the solstice.  I like summer rains.

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