Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Being a Grownup

Maybe that's what makes travel so very relaxing - no real responsibilities.   Someone will feed us and make our bed while we enjoy roaming around and seeing the sights in whatever place we light.  It's kinda like being a kid during the summer: eat, sleep, play then do it all over again the next day.  When we're home, things always need doing.  And we are the doers.

I find myself being inordinately lazy for the first week or so after being away.  Is it just settling back into the routine of home-life?  Is it being overwhelmed by the mountain of chores?  Whatever "it" is, I don't feel comfortable in my skin until the period passes.   The paradox here is I feel the need to be home after about two weeks away.

Trying to sort that out led me to cats.  I feel like we're imposing on our neighbor's friendship by saddling him with the daily feeding of our herd.  The longer we're gone the stronger that feeling grows.  The imposition is large because they are indoor cats, hence there is a litter box to clean at regular intervals.  Kinda like asking someone to watch your house and, by the way, scrub out the toilets every other day.  It always amazes me how much waste three felines can produce in forty-eight hours.

I didn't start this intending to discuss cat crap, but that is one of the grownup chores that face me regularly.  Others are laundry - we produce a remarkable amount for two people, automobiles - two need inspections this week, one of them a tire rotation also; then come volunteer activities, and hobbies.  Home repair and maintenance are added to the mix, as is yard work.

And finally we have no one to feed us and make our bed.

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