Thursday, April 7, 2011

Home is Where the Todo List is

Our first full day back home and everywhere I look is something that needs attention.  I need to tighten the legs on the dining room table, call our plumber to fix or replace the slow-running kitchen faucet, clear winter's debris from the yard, etc.  Each room I enter presents me with a neglected chore.  So many that I must make a list in order to keep track.

A list ... aye there's the rub.  Carol has tried patiently these many years to promote list-making, her favorite ploy - "It will feel so good to cross things out as they're completed."  I've tried, I really have.  I make a list of things that need doing - or I start out doing that at least - then somehow it morphs into things I'd really like to do: around the house, in the yard, to the cars, finally becoming so long that I can't find a convenient place to hang it.  Instead I shove it in a drawer.  I'll bet you can guess the rest.

Tomorrow I'll start a new list.

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