Saturday, April 23, 2011

Inspiration or Perspiration?

Most often when I type something here, it is the result of some flash of creative light that danced along the synapses and landed in my consciousness; not so today.  Today I'm here because it's been a while and my faithful readers (both of you) will begin nagging me if something doesn't appear soon.

So here I sit in our favorite room, glancing at our wooded vista through the seven large windows that cover the two exterior walls.  Carol is reading; two of our cats are wrestling on the floor; Elvis, my main cat, is stretched out on my lap with this computer resting on top of him.

The newest addition to our outdoors is the nearly completed carport, more appropriately labeled camperport,  attached to my barn/garage a hundred feet away.  It will shelter our Roadtrek when it isn't "trekking."  Less visible, but no less important is the addition of electricity to the barn, real wiring, not the hundred foot extension cord that served as my power source for the past twenty years.  As one of the builders remarked, "Now you'll have to work out here."  I'm looking forward to it.

Well this session isn't very inspired, but there it is.  My "desk" is getting restless so that's all for now.

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