Monday, Monday (It was when I started this)

The beginning of another work week for the folks who are productive members of the American Tribe.  For those of us who ceased producing years ago, it is just another day.

Our two youngest grandchildren arrived with their mom yesterday afternoon.  It's always a treat to have the little people (Miranda - seven, Danny - four) in the house.  Our other grandkids are teenagers, great kids but ... .  These two are still excited about visiting their grandparents.  After they got settled Danny and I went outside with a jar of bubble soap.  We tried letting the gusty wind make bubbles for us but that didn't work.  I blew a couple just to make sure we had a good mix, then Danny took it on.  He had an inordinate amount of difficulty blowing a bubble, which confused me until I noticed that he held the bubble ring so that his breath was actually expelled below it most of the time.  Seeing this, I moved his hand lower to which he responded by lowering his head.  I raised his head and up came the bubble ring.  We couldn't seem to coordinate the two.  Finally, he smiled and shrugged,  "I guess it doesn't work," he said, handing the jar to me and walking into the house.

The Millrock Writers reading Saturday evening was well-received by a small but attentive audience.  The selections my compadres read were excellent, and we sold five books.

4/20 -
Mama Wanda and the magic little people left for home this morning.  The house is quiet.  My main cat, Elvis, has reappeared from his "Fortress of Solitude" somewhere in the basement, where he stays while the youngest grandkids are here.  The other two braver cats hang out in view of Miranda and Danny but just out of reach.

On top of today's grandkid news, Phoebe passed her driving test today.  Our second licensed driver in that generation is now on the road.  Watch out world.

Enough for today.