Friday, April 15, 2011


April is dragging spring along kicking and screaming, but it's coming.  Croci have been up for about a week and their little buddies - lavender colored tiny blossoms - are prolific near the tree stump outside our bedroom window.  A couple of daffodils  are blooming in the woods and the pileated woodpecker that hangs around our neighborhood showed up this afternoon to bug-check our wild cherries.

I am back with the human race.  The congestion in my chest has eased, my head is as clear as it ever gets and I feel pretty good in general - still a little tired but hell, I'm old; I got a right.

I spent some time this afternoon tidying up the short story, Sit Anywhere for a reading tomorrow night at the Empire State College Residency at the FDR Library.  We, the Millrock Writers, are the evening's entertainment.  It should be great fun and perhaps we'll even sell a few books.

Work has begun on the extension to my back garage.  It is a shed roof that will shelter the Roadtrek camper from the weather.  I would have liked to put it in the garage but the door opening is nine feet high and the machine is nine feet seven inches so it goes beside the building.  I was hoping to have a fully enclosed area behind it that I could use to store tiller, mower, and snowblower but the machine is just long enough to make that impractical.  Looks like a separate storage building will be next.  I love being a homeowner.

I'll let you know how the reading goes.

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