Sunday, April 3, 2011

St Augustine Morning

Yesterday's trip began at three-thirty am when we hauled ourselves out of bed to make a six am flight out of Stewart Airport that would take us to Jacksonville, Florida.  From there we drove to St Augustine, and the St George's Inn to celebrate our thirtieth wedding anniversary with a short holiday.

Saturday in this town is a zoo.  It seems like every church bus in Florida brings a group here, and every Harley Davidson club within 200 miles shows up; which makes for a fascinating mix.  Lots of bars open to the air with live music, young folks playing  guitars - recognizing that since I'm nearing seventy, the term "young" encompasses an ever broader age range.

We walked the city for an hour in the afternoon, napped, dined in the evening at a small cafe that specializes in gelato and paninis, then spent an hour listening to a jazz duo on the porch of the Casablanca Inn, with the lights of the newly renovated Bridge of Lions in the distance.  All in all a lovely day.

I rose this morning just before sunrise and stepped out on our balcony to view the morning and the deserted promenade, illustrated in the shot above.

Morning yoga, an afternoon walk on the beach, and a trip to the top of the St Augustine lighthouse filled a good part of the day.  It is now five-thirty on a sleepy Sunday evening.  I'm relaxing on our balcony listening to live music coming from the patio of Cruisers Grill, just across the promenade.  My love just brought me coffee.  Life is good.

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