Musings from a scattered mind

I woke this morning just before five.  Grabbing my laptop, I decided I'd write about pre-dawn, then I thought about today being Tuesday and starting a long drive west this coming weekend.  I went over the mental list of things that I still needed to do to prepare the ... Traveler (I think I've mentioned that Carol refuses to accept the fact that we're old white folks in an RV - she has decided to call it that) for the journey.  From there I pondered my decision not to take Elvis, my primary cat, on the trip.  
That brought me to thinking about cats and their ability to survive, which led me to remembering my Aunt Edith and Uncle Vincent who moved from a comfortable suburban home in Bridgeport, Connecticut to a forty-acre farm in Otsego County, New York, with two pedigreed Persian cats.  I then looked up the breed on Google, read the Wikipedia info which mentioned Angora cats in some context.  I read about Angoras, a Turkish breed, which led me to the Turkish Van - a rare breed from the Lake Van area in the eastern mountains.  That brought me back to Sugar, our lone female cat, with the ear tufts, one green, and one blue eye and other van-like indicators.

By that time it was five-thirty.  I closed my computer and went back to sleep until seven-thirty.  Welcome to my brain.