Sunday, September 18, 2011

Narcissus and Odd-sized Inseams

The two topics are unrelated but both have crossed my limited consciousness in the past couple days so here they are.

First - and I believe I've mentioned it before but it bears repeating - bodybuilders are the ultimate narcissists. The gym I use sporadically has, in addition to many aerobic and strength training machines, a free-weight section on a separate floor. Typical of that kind of room the non-windowed walls are mirrored floor to ceiling. Ostensibly this is to allow one to check one's form while working out to ensure correct technique. Sometimes though I see the male weightlifters flexing and posing with no weight in their hands. Not so the women who seem to be there for the conditioning, and perhaps to be ogled while exercising (probably not.) The narcissism becomes more pronounced in the men's locker room, where I've noticed that not one of the twenty/thirty-something bodybuilders seems to be able to pass a mirror without looking into it at his own reflection, and there are a lot of mirrors in there. Obviously I don't know how women react in their own facility, but I'm guessing they're more interested in how their clothes fit than how flexed biceps or triceps show up. There's definitely a reason Narcissus was male.

Second - Those of us who generally select our trousers and jeans from the Wrangler, Lee, Dockers, Levis sections of big box stores, have to wonder why there are not enough men on the planet with odd numbered inseams to warrant production of clothing in their size. I have a thirty-one inch inseam, not thirty, not thirty-two, so I am plagued with pants that are either too short, or fray at the cuffs from being dragged on the ground. I think this is a discriminatory practice that has to stop. Perhaps an "Odd Inseams Unite" movement is in order. Just Sayin'.

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