Enjoying The Morning After

Yesterday I got great news, my sort of blood brother orange cat is healthy and resenting being cooped up.  My neighbor e-mailed me that the cat was fine, and the health department called later in the morning with a message containing the same information.  The exception is, the health department guy must have repeated "No Rabies" three or four times, just to make sure I heard it.  I heard it.  I didn't realize/admit to myself how tense I was until that news.  My stomach stopped trying to reject any food I ate, and I was able to breathe more easily.  The bite is healing and, though it still hurts at intervals, whatever other bacteria  the cat and I exchanged, I'll let my immune system handle.  For now, all is well.

We have completed the first leg of our trip home from Louisiana.  We are stopping at my sister-in-law's home in Birmingham for the night; a visit I always look forward to.  She is one of my all-time favorite people.  She and Carol are about finished preparing a terrific dinner, so it looks like about time to eat.  Tomorrow's a long ride into northern Virginia where we'll stay the night at a motel.  The next day will be lunch with daughter and then home.

More when we get back there.