Saturday, October 15, 2011

Huge sculptures and Elvis stalking his tail

Elvis is my cat, actually he's one of three but he is my constant companion, so I call him mine.  Yeah I know, he made the choice so "I'm his human" is a more accurate designation, but why quibble.  Anyway, we're buds.  Now those of you who know cats have seen them chase their tails as if it were a toy, which it may be in catland.  It's usually nothing special, they notice it and pounce.  Not Elvis.  He sits and glances over his shoulder, sees the tail and waits, watching for it to move.  And move it does, a teasing flick of the tip followed by a more overt wag, then it goes still.  Elvis' other end, seeing the motion, tenses for a pounce but when the teasing tail stops, he waits.  Very soon, the tail-tip flicks, followed by the wag, and he finally attacks, only to go into contortions when it evades his grasp.   This is remarkably entertaining to me, and I assume to him, since it's a daily occurrence.

Enough about Elvis.

Carol and I went to Storm King Art Center today.  This is hundreds of acres of enormous outdoor sculptures, most in steel or stone, a huge outdoor museum.  Any attempt to describe it would be inadequate so here's the URL for the website. Storm King Art Center

It was a bone-chilling windy day today but we managed  to walk through a bit of the place before hopping the tram for a forty minute ride around.  If you are ever in the area, this is not to be missed.

This evening, as I sat out on my front steps, a neighbor's cat bit me, drawing blood.  Bummer.

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