Thursday, November 17, 2011

I miss George Carlin

Carlin was a funny, brilliant, angry man.  He slaughtered sacred cows, made us aware of the absurdities of our consumer-based lifestyles, and criticized the politics in our country, all with humor.  His autobiography, Last Words, is a great read and a testament to his sometimes brutal honesty.  He made a simplistic, but fundamentally accurate, statement about the two major political entities in the US, saying in essence, conservatives protect property; liberals protect people.  Actually, that is one of his milder statements. Check out some others here.

The assertion above - property vs. people - leads me to another musing, the apparent need for so many of us to treat life as a series of binary options: good or bad, hot or cold, true or false, etc., when pretty much the only truly binary option is life or death.  All else, it seems to me, is nuanced, with many shades rather than simple black or white.  We live in a world of many dimensions, not two.  I'm kind of babbling here, but I hope you understand.

Those folks who believe in a binary world have an advantage over those of us who do not.  Their decisions are easy.  Mine, not so much.

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