It takes a weary man, to sing a weary song

I'm retired, allegedly.   I'm considering getting a job so I can get some rest.  This retirement gig is tough with board memberships, volunteer work, hobbies, household chores, etc., none of which add anything monetarily to my life.  Sure there's a bunch of personal gratification and enjoyment involved in this stuff, but damn I'm tired.  Back when I was earning a living, it seemed that things were simpler.  Work then come home and relax.  (I know you're laughing at the memory lapses that allow me to forget any but the most pleasant, easy history.)  Anyway, I'm tired and I will be performing in a play on Saturday then singing on Sunday at another venue.  The following weekend is yet another singing gig.  All are benefit performances.

There's nothing profound here, I just felt the need to post something.  If you're looking for something to ponder, try thinking about the absolute dysfunctionality of our government and the potential to make it even worse if people don't pay attention to reality.