Chaos Theory and My Office

My understanding of Chaos Theory (which is at best, minimal) is that, even though the possible outcomes of a process are known given specific starting conditions, which of those outcomes will actually result is unpredictable.  I beg to differ.

  • Given: my office is always in chaos, and I need to find something.  
  • Process: hunt through the mess for hours.  
  • Result: go out and purchase the item, only to return and find its mate clearly visible.  

So you see that, in my case at least, the result is always predictable.

I mention the above only because I've promised myself to get my office straightened up, neat and orderly as  my wife's.  Those of you who know me, please stop laughing; I really mean it this time.  This is not a New Year's Resolution, which I never make, because I started it on December 27th.  I have gone so far as to bring a cardboard box up from the basement and toss in all the papers that I will shred, someday.  I also had a two-by-two foot section of my desktop cleared as of yesterday afternoon.  I say "had" because this morning I found several sheets of paper, two business cards, and three checkbooks nestled in that space.  I have no idea how that happened.

Perhaps one of our sneaky, disruptive cats, who frequent my chaotic cave, are responsible - all three are here now just waiting for me to leave so they can mess things up.   Hmm ... I could avoid any future cleanup then they would be discouraged from their mischief.

I'll have to think about that.


  1. I can't blame the cats for the chaos in my office, since they've been banned. You're a fortunate man.

    And, no, your office will never be as well organized as your wife's. Not unless you pay her to re-organize it daily for you. :)


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