Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Do You Refuse to Make Resolutions?

 Can't happen.  That refusal is a resolution!  Well maybe you say to yourself "I don't care about resolutions."  So, rephrasing: you resolve not to care.  Frustrating, isn't it?  There's no way I've found to not make a resolution, so why fight it?  It's more fun to compile a list of resolutions, then cross them out when you break them.  Some classics for you to copy:

Fill in the blanks

I will lose ____ pounds by _____.

I will exercise ____ times a (week, month, day - circle one)

I will not watch more than ____ hours of TV per (week, month, day - circle one)

I will eat a healthy diet. [this one is ambiguous so you can figure out what's good for your particular health.]

I will be a better person. 'Better' is a comparative, so better than: your significant other, relative, neighbor, friend, I was last year, ... ? Better is a standard advertising ploy 'Our product is better': than last year, than not having it, than bouncing a ball in the street, ... ?  Actually this one is a keeper, because no-one but you knows the other side of the comparison.

Enough silliness.  If you've made your list, have at it; if it's in your head, also good because you will be the only one to know you broke them.  If you are brave enough, put it on your kitchen door.

Happy resolving.

Til next time, 


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