Down to the Wire

I promised myself, and probably several others, that I would post a blog at least once a month.  I believe I've reneged on that promise a few times already.  I think I've already mentioned in one or more of these how much I rebel agains routine (read schedules in this case) even when I make them up.  My excuse this time involves a mysterious gnome that is wandering through my desktop computer.

First let me clarify some things.  This home is overrun with computers!  The one I just mention sits in my office and is generally used for working on my photographs and my writing.  It supports two fairly large monitors, one which was purchased specially for tuning up photos.  The other is for most everything else.

In addition to that computer I have two more on a work table: one is a PC used solely for our Quicken household finances, the other —an older MacBook Pro — runs my Canon Scanner.  It is so old that it can no longer be updated to the current level of the MacOS.  That's a good thing, because a few levels back the updated MacOS on my regular desktop (the machine I mentioned above) would not recognize my Canon flatbed photo scanner.  When I called Canon about it I was told that the scanner had reached the end of its  life and would no longer have any driver support.  They did generously offer to sell me a newer scanner to replace the one that, until the MacOS update, functioned perfectly.  Since the old laptop I had did support the scanner, that is now its function; that and running the photo printer that seemed to stop communicating with the latest MacOS also.

I''m typing this on the MacBook Air that I travel with and generally use to read my email and do NYTimes puzzles over morning coffee.  It's on my lap.  I am in my office.  Hence I have four computers in easy reach.  

Rounding out the family computing hardware is: the Toshiba Laptop in Carol's office, three iPads scattered around the house, and a truly ancient Mac laptop in the yoga practice room in our basement.  There may be more that I have forgotten in this inventory.

In my defense (if there is any possible defense for this) I once ran my own computer consulting and repair business.

BTW this morning I took two defunct computers to electronic recycle.

Until next time,