Thursday, April 22, 2010

Back Home

Back from a trip to Louisiana, spending a week with family.   The weather was remarkable, 70's and low humidity daytime and 50's at night.  Gotta love spring in the south. 

On the trip down, my connection out of Baltimore left late afternoon.  As we climbed toward our cruising altitude the low sun reflecting off the water, car windows, and skylights made it seem like diamonds were scattered all around.  Amazing what the right light can do to otherwise ordinary sights.  I arrived in New Orleans a little before 8:00 and was sitting in Kelly's kitchen in Patterson having a beer by 9:45. 

I am always nurtured by the beauty of the bayou country, the wood ducks and egrets starting their morning, the glassy stillness of the Teche before the locks open, it's a special place.  The one disturbing thing about being there is the lack of recycling of trash in the area.  bottles, cans, paper, motor oil, etc. are just tossed in the landfill.  The only place I've notice any recycling activity at all is at the local WalMart.  Paradoxically, I never see any trash floating on the Teche and very little along the roadsides.

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