Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Walking dogs

Carol and I returned yesterday from a long sunny camping weekend in Elk Neck State Park, Md.  I think spring is about here.

This was the shakedown cruise for our new camper and it performed flawlessly.  Nineteen mpg from a vehicle with a kitchen, bathroom and bedroom ain't too shabby.  I will be adding Roadtrek Reflections to the Rialta Diaries on my website in the not-to-distant future I suppose.  I have two more Rialta trips to edit and upload first.

I've got a question for anyone out there.  Does it make more sense to scoop up dog feces in a plastic bag that won't decompose for centuries, or to let it decompose by the roadside in less than a month naturally?  I can understand cleaning up after your dog in a populated area, but I've seen folks poop scoop on country roads and even in the woods.  Help me with this.

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