Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Passer Passes

George Blanda died two days ago, ten days after his 83rd birthday.  For all of you wondering who in hell he was, click on his name; What I can tell you is that he was a great football player who finally left the game at the age of 49, still a great player.  Twenty-six years in pro football as a quarterback and kicker, and a winner.  He knew how to win.

I'm sad I had to postpone a trip to Louisiana this week.  The ailments of age seem to be sneaking up on me, or maybe rushing toward me, I don't know.   I want to say at this moment that I will never again postpone a trip that I have scheduled.  If a postponement happens, someone else will have done it.

I hope all who are able will attend Jon Stewart's attempt to inject some semblance of sanity into this bizarre country of ours by showing up in DC on the 30th of October.  Regrettably, I will not be there but many friends will.  The anger and venom that is constantly being spewed across the airwaves can't, according to our great constitution, be stopped, but at least in can be countered by people with less than murder in their hearts.  When you hear a political speech, commentary by a TV personality, etc.,  find out the facts.  One great, unbiased source is  Before you believe, know what you're believing.

Enough for today.

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  1. Little sister9/30/10, 2:41 PM

    I wish I could be in DC to lend support to Jon Stewart, one of the few voices of sanity left on the airways. My job, tending to those who can no longer tend to themselves, prevents me from doing so, but I will be there in spirit. I will encourage all I come in contact with to do so. As far as believing what I read and hear, well, we were raised by the same sensible man who taught us all to make up our own minds by checking out facts, so that is already a given. Sometimes--too many lately -- I am left just shaking my head at what is considered "quality" news coverage lately. I used to trust the press more than the government. Now I find both up for scrutiny. I think in this regard the Internet will ultimately contribute to people finding truth in places neither press nor politicos would prefer. Liked the piece. By the way, I did know who George Blanda was. RIP to him, peace to his family.