Monday, October 4, 2010

Wherefore Oregon?

While in Baltimore this weekend visiting our youngest grand kids, we journeyed to Oregon Ridge Nature Center for a short hike. On the way Carol and I puzzled about the frequency and locations of the name Oregon: there is the state, the park we were driving to, the inlet spanned by the Bonner Bridge on the Outer Banks, and I believe there's an exit off I-78 to an Oregon, Pennsylvania. There are probably others but it just seemed odd enough to me that I began to wonder where the name originated. A cursory internet search yielded speculation that it was either Native American or French, but nothing definitive. I'm not, I think, going to engage in an exhaustive search - unless my curiosity forces me.

Also worth mentioning in the "Myth of American Equality" area, is that the road leading to the park, Beaver Dam Road, has a stretch of 1.2 miles marked "No Stopping or Standing." Now I've seen signs around prisons warning folks not to stop, but this was an area of mansions and thoroughbred horse farms. I wonder if I could get my street so marked?

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