Monday, January 24, 2011

Back in the World

I left the magic of the Duckdog cottage on Cape Hatteras Friday evening to connect with Carol at her sister's home in Chapel Hill for our trek around the southland over the next few weeks.  Our first stop on the trip being Patterson, Louisiana, a two-day drive from Chapel Hill, we wanted to lop off a good part of that distance on Saturday.  Our tentative target for day one was Montgomery, Alabama.  We arrived at the Hampton Inn just south of Montgomery at seven eastern time.   The up side, we exceeded expectations by stopping about ten miles past our target; the down side, there was no restaurant in sight.  The night clerk said we'd have to go back to Montgomery to eat.

Carol asked out GPS, Sadie, where we could find an Olive Garden.  She sent us back to Montgomery along a very busy thoroughfare, past several serviceable restaurants (we didn't ask her for just any restaurant) to the requested place.  We were told there would be a twenty minute wait for a table.  Being both tired and hungry, we opted for some as yet undetermined alternative.

Okay, confession time.  Since it was close, not as busy, and we'd never been to one, Carol and I went across the highway - to HOOTERS!  I have to admit that the staff and clientele reacted quite well to the appearance of two senior citizens.  We didn't get many stares from the twenty - thirty-five year old diners/drinkers in the place, and the staff was attentive without being patronizing.   Our "Hooters Girl" - her term not mine, became a bit flummoxed when we asked her what red wine she had.  She hied to the bar to find out, returning with our choices, cabernet and merlot.  We both selected the cabernet.  A different HG showed up with two airline bottles of Sutter Home, unscrewed the top and poured them into our wine glasses.  I tasted mine and opted for beer.  Carol was content with hers and mine.  I asked our HG what kind of beer was available and, after hearing a litany of every possible variety of Budweiser, I noticed a LandShark Lager sign on the wall and asked for that.  She returned with the news that they were out of it.  I asked if they had  Red Stripe; she was about to go find out when I remembered hearing Yuengling somewhere in the list of beers on tap that she included with the bottled stuff.  Verifying what I thought I heard, I order a pint.   Carol order Chicken Quesadia, I a dinner salad with grilled chicken, both of which we shared.  The meals were okay, and I enjoyed watching the HG's at work.

Sunday morning we left the Inn around eight, arriving at Kelly and Kelli's home around two pm where we'll  visit for a few days.  Here's a photo I took from the Back of their house.
Bye for now.

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