Thursday, January 20, 2011

If it's Thursday

When I'm here on the beach writing, I often lose track of the day.

Each new one is like the one before in that we wake in some order: Ed or I first followed by the other, then Julie, Steve, and finally Joanna.  Breakfast happens, during which we discuss whatever reading we were assigned the night before, then we take our familiar places - mine is the love seat on the east wall of the living room - and pick up our work where we left it the previous afternoon.

We write fairly steadily from 9:00am to 3:30pm, with a short lunch break.  Around 3:30 we either drive somewhere: bird sanctuary north, or lighthouse south perhaps, or just walk on the beach for a while.  After dinner we read.

Snow Geese at the Pea Island Sanctuary

The only change is the weather.

This morning the sunrise was visible for the first time all week.  No morning fog or rain.  The January chill augmented by the ocean wind doesn't invite relaxing on the deck to watch it so some of us bundled up to walk the beach.  Others opened  computers to check in with the outside world before breakfast - as I am doing now.

This remarkable island encourages its visitors to forget the label given to any particular day and instead to simply accept the day as the gift it is, use it to further their happiness, then leave it behind as a memory.

I hear breakfast happening.

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