Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Watching New York Weather - from a safe distance.

Rabbit - Rabbit.

It's a rainy, cool day in Birmingham, Alabama.  It was rainy and cool yesterday in Nashville, Tennessee.  In neither case did I have to shovel snow from a driveway or scrape ice from a windshield.  We have had alarmingly good luck weatherwise on our southern excursion.  So much so that I've begun looking over my shoulder from time-to-time to see if the weather-witch was brooming her way toward us, wand a-waving.

Having said that, I'm eager to be back in our home: communing with our friends, feeding our cats, and just generally nesting.

Snowy days are perfect for nesting.  A fire in the fireplace, music on the stereo,  a little wine in our glasses, and a good view of the whitening world outside.  It doesn't get any better than that.  Of course even retirees have to leave the house sometimes and that's when the fun ends and the work begins.  Wrestling our snowblower through its chores, bringing in more wood for the fireplace, retrieving the mail,  shopping for consumables at the local market, all are required of us at some point so we pull ourselves together and attend to them.

We have about ten travel days left before meeting New York weather, head on.  The thing that concerns me most is the knowledge that to get to that New York weather we will have to negotiate New Jersey weather.  Whether we like it or not (sorry.)

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