Sunday, May 1, 2011

Uno de Mayo

Last week was one of extremes, from the enormous tornado that devastated Tuscaloosa, Alabama and took  hundreds of lives, to the royal wedding that captivated millions at a cost that could probably rebuild most of that destroyed city.

My wife grew up in Tuscaloosa and has family there.  They are all okay, but her childhood home on Forest Lake, the one her father designed, is likely gone.  We'll probably be heading down there this weekend to help with some of the cleanup.

Ah but May is here and everything is growing again.  Trees have tiny leaves and blossoms, my yard is covered with tiny purple and yellow flowers, and green is everywhere.  Sitting here on our porch, we  are privy to the call and response of several different species of birds trying to entice mates, or call off rivals.

Balance - the planet adjusts itself to maintain or regain balance, earthquakes that relieve tectonic pressure, storms that relieve differences in air pressure and temperature.  Humanity has been a victim of this balancing operation quite a bit recently.  Maybe killing some of us is part of that balancing act.  Scary thought.

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