Sunday, September 4, 2011

After Irene

By now any of you who don't live under a rock have seen the devastation wrought by this hurricane on upstate New York. Some things that may not have reached your TV or computer screen: Our local CSA farm down the street lost its entire fall crop.

Another, Wallkill View Farms, out on the flat west of the Wallkill River in New Paltz is accustomed to having its land flood in the spring, but not when a maturing crop was in the field. That farm sells their sweet corn and pumpkins to the many tourists who visit our area in the fall. Both the corn and the pumpkins are gone. This year there will be no hayrides to search for the best pumpkin, no corn maze to dazzle the kids, and no goodies to take home. In addition to the fields being inundated, the store itself was under several feet of water damaging the refrigerators and destroying the nursery plants.

While the damage here isn't as dramatic as that in Prattsville and Windham, it's seriousness cannot be minimized. Even the SUNY campus suffered water damage to a couple of its buildings.

We are lucky in that we had electricity restored less than two days after it went out. Our cable service is still not back so no regular phone, TV, or internet.

More rain is forecast over the next couple of days, hopefully not enough to bring the flooding back.

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