Friday, January 27, 2012

Dog Sitting on Bayou Teche

It all started when I made a plane reservation for the only contiguous seven day slot I could find in my "retirement" calendar before late spring.  Non-refundable tickets, naturally.
I called the Louisiana relatives to give them the news, only to find out that they were spending that weekend watching auto racing at Daytona Beach.  I arrived Wednesday morning, they left Thursday afternoon.  They'll be back Sunday night, I'm leaving Tuesday.  So much for the various itineraries, now for my weekend companions.

There are two dogs, a big friendly Weimareiner named Blaze, and a tiny nervous Mexican Hairless named Lizzy, who snaps at the big guy's heels and generally becomes a royal pain; oh yeah she also tends to pee in the house.  The kids bought those fancy mats for her to pee on in case she has an "accident", but she ignores them, preferring the ceramic tile floor.  It seems not to matter how many times she goes outside.  All that said, she's kinda sweet in her own warped way, though it does feel weird petting a dog with no hair.

So here I am, in one of my favorite places on earth, with the bayou in the backyard and cane fields across the highway out front.  It's a quiet place with a constant breeze cooling the carport even in the middle of summer.  This unusually warm January Friday, the dogs and I are watching HBO after a morning of editing my book (the dogs slept through most of it), and a workout at Anytime Fitness (just me.)  

It's a gorgeous sixty-five degree day here in Acadiana and the beginning of an interesting weekend.

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