Sunday, June 10, 2012

Walmart Steak? Where does one harvest it?

At least that's what their latest bizarre ad campaign seems to indicate.  Folks at a high class resort are fed steaks that they rave about and are then told "It's a Walmart steak!"  At which point they all rave about it some more, and at least one person decides to buy Walmart steaks.

I've heard of beef steaks, venison steaks, buffalo steaks, and even salmon steaks.  But a Walmart steak?  How does one butcher a Walmart?  Are they domesticated or do you hunt them?

Segway there to explore my second question.  Hunting (actually I think they are more often called 'Sporting') columns of  newspapers use the word "harvest" when referring to a successful hunt.  A euphemism like that deserves to be quashed, or at least ridiculed.  A new young hunter shown beside the kill is said to have "harvested" his or her first deer, turkey, whatever.  Clearly the intent here is to remove the word "kill" from the reader's vocabulary.  Please understand that I am not opposed to killing animals for food; what I object to is masking the act behind a word implying less finality.  It attempts to hide the fact that, in order to feed ourselves and others we have taken a life.  When we do that, it is only right that we acknowledge the act as what it is, a kill.

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