Changing Seasons in a Changing World

October 6th - The morning sky is gray and misty with the morning sun not quite able to paint its bright orange glow in the southeastern sky, managing only a very pale yellow on the clouds.  My quarter acre forest of black cherry, locust, and maple has released some of its canopy.  The leaves blanket my front walkway, merging it with the rest of the earth.  The subdued light this morning is giving a kind of glow to the blanket of damp leaves, highlighting their fading colors.  The maples in my front yard are dressed in english ivy; on one of them the deep green of the ivy is augmented by the flaming red of a Virginia Creeper woven into it.

I would be lying if I said autumn was my favorite season - I have no favorite season.  I love the change in seasons, the laziness of autumn, the sleep of winter, the wakening of spring, and the vitality of summer; each has its own specialness.

That's enough for now.