High Tide, Full Moon, and Hurricane Sandy

Three things coming together in one awful night for the City of New York and surrounding coastal areas.  The pictures of flooded streets, floating cars, and such harks back to New Orleans during Katrina.  Thankfully, NYC took this storm seriously and prepared as well as they could for it.  Hopefully that will avoid any loss of life.

The Hudson River, which is still technically a tidal estuary as it divides Ulster and Duchess counties, has flooded low areas.  The effect is minimal due to the sharp incline in the shoreline up here, but it's up higher than any previously recorded levels.  Here in Ulster County there are many road closures due to downed trees and power lines.  Surprisingly our little Plains Road/Woodland Drive community seems not to have lost power at all through the windy night.  More winds are predicted for today but not as strong.

In a truly bizarre twist of storm fate, there are forecasts blizzard conditions with two to three feet of snow in the mountains of West Virginia.

I'm about to go glue myself to my TV for awhile even though it hurts to watch.