Friday, October 12, 2012

What Offends Me

I just saw a Facebook post.  It is a picture of the American Flag, with the caption "If this flag offends you I'll help you pack."

I am offended.

It is not the flag that offends me, it is the people who use it as a club to beat others about the head with the term "patriotism."

It offends me to see the Flag worn as a lapel pin.

It offends me see young soldiers sent into combat time-after-time, subjected to the insanity of killing, of being wounded or killed; always suffering the terrible invisible wound to their minds.

It offends me to watch my country turn into a theocracy.

It offends me to hear people who are fearful of a fair election try to rig the vote by excluding any who might vote against them.

It offends me to hear people with more money than they could ever need say those who are poor are lazy.

It offends me to see people litter my country.

It offends me to see people wrap themselves in the Flag and call themselves patriots while vilifying all who do not share their views.

So yes, I am offended.

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