Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Looking Through Windows, and At Them.

I'm on my way to Louisiana by car (truck actually.)  One of my favorite way stations is the Hampton Inn in Lexington, VA.  It is unique among Hampton Inns in that it is on an old estate, occupying the manor house and extensions built to look like they belong with it.  Add the charm of Lexington itself and you have an irresistible combination for me.  I'm ensconced in room 215, having just returned from dinner at Bistro on Main, a favorite place.  Since I am alone on this trip, I chose to sit at a counter looking out the window onto  Main Street.

As a people watcher, this was a perfect place for me.  I watched folks moving along the street for awhile, passing the Bistro, entering and leaving it, then I began to look AT the window, at the reflections of the lighted interior against the darkened street.  First there were the two young men at the bar close behind me and wo my left,  Looking at the reflections I could see their backs, see trough their backs - they were apparitions.  then I noticed two men at the bar, apparitions toasting each other with dark beer, oblivious to the vehicles passing through them as they sat in the middle of Main Street.  Then there were two women at a far table, their apparitions across the street behind a parked SUV, as if they were discussing its merits.  Another apparition was an empty table attached to the back of a Subaru parked in front of the Bistro.   Finally, me; a head in outline, a strange shadow that I could see through.

I hink I've discovered a new way of people-watching.

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