Wednesday, January 2, 2013

This Century is now a Teenager - Scary?

Its childhood has been less than stellar.  It was born in a panic over the failure of our computer systems -  an example of our dependence on the ubiquitous microchip.  We worried that our bank accounts would be unavailable, our computers would be unresponsive, our cars would not run, and our aircraft would fall from the sky.  None of that happened.  It was born with a mere whimper.

Not until September of 2001 did plains fall from the sky, and change our country.   We retaliated,  but in a half-hearted manner, and ended up in a quagmire.  Two years later we added a second war to the mix, for reasons that were untrue.  We are still in both wars.

Early on we went from robust economic health into a spiral that left us anemic.  We are slowly regaining our health but our growth has been stunted.

As the century reaches puberty, teenage angst, pouting, and aggression are pretty evident.  I hope that our century is female, in which case that should subside in a few years as it matures.  If it is male, odds in favor of maturity are greatly diminished.

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