Friday, July 19, 2013

Sunglasses - A Fashion Accessory? And Where Did 'much' Go?

I've begun to notice sunglasses - sometimes referred to as shades or Ray-Bans, I think.  The thing that strikes me about this observation is that they appear to be used as some sort of jewelry - worn: atop the head, on back of the neck, under the chin, dangling from a pocket, or hung in a shirt/blouse (front or back.).  Rarely have I seen them worn in front of the eyes.  I even saw a pro golfer on TV today move them from atop his head to back of his neck as part of his set up for a bogey putt (which he missed.)  It certainly seems like they've lost their utilitarian function.

I wonder when it happened.

This societal change passed me by, as have so many others: the deletion of the word 'much' as a preface to 'fun' (when did "so much fun" become "so fun"?)  None of the online dictionaries accept that phrasing as valid, and we all know that online info is the authority in all disputes.  I am not, in case you wonder, some sort of lexicographer or definition nazi, but it just grates on me, chalk on a blackboard like, when I hear it used.

I don't have much, no make that 'any', more to contribute to this post so I'm going to pop it up on the blog.

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  1. Hey Tom,
    yes - I wear sun glasses quite a bit, as I have fair eyes and am prone to a headache if in direct sun light for too long. I often hang mine on the back of my shirt if I am indoors, etc. and you'd be surprised (or maybe not) how many people find that odd, and come up to me to tell me my glasses are on my back of my shirt (I want to say, geez, thanks, I've been looking everywhere for them!?).

    I have found there is also a truism (is that a word?) that the more you pay for some sunglasses, the shorter their life span. A few years back I got some ray bans that I LOVED, and of course one of my small kids (at the time) tore them off my face during some spirited play and broke the temple. However the $4 glasses I got at some beach side stand are ever ready and in perfect condition.

    So - hope you are having MUCH fun and hope to hoist a malt beverage with you soon.