Thursday, July 23, 2015

Living With a Gemini

Carol is smart, focused, caring, and often a source of wonder to be around.  Let me illustrate that last point.

A couple of weeks ago we were working on our camper and had a small bag of tools resting atop a step stool in the middle of the garage floor while the work progressed.  While I was working on the next stage of the project, Carol left, probably for a yoga class which she takes almost every day.

Some time later I broke for lunch, leaving the tools and the stool in the aforementioned place and the garage door open.  Now Carol normally settles her Prius in this small garage when she's finished with it for the day, but when she turned into the driveway the picture I described faced her.

There are a couple of obvious actions that she could have taken: 1) move the stuff toward the wall of the garage to make room for the car or, 2) leave the car in the driveway overnight.

But Carol is a Gemini.

This is where it spent the night.

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