Saturday, December 24, 2016

Light Your Candle

All the rituals I know about that occur around the solstice involve light, chasing the darkness away for a time, celebrating being able to see again.

We are uncomfortable in the dark; our eyes, unlike the predators who hunt at night, were not built for it.  We are sun worshipers, reveling in the warmth of our star, in the visibility it affords us, so we celebrate light.  That the celebrations have been co-opted by religion is incidental to that fact.

Since my earliest memories I have loved this time of year.  People seem friendlier, more forgiving, happier somehow.  It has that special ambiance that comes with the light, the warmth, the comfort, the safety.

I've left you a couple of stories on my website - A gift of reading for the season.  May your world always be lit with love and peace.

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