Why We Are Where We Are (Maybe)

I've often thought that one of the biggest US errors, of many, was allowing TV cameras to broadcast the workings of congress live.  With 535 people, many with enormous egos, given access to ears and eyes outside their chambers, opportunities for rational debates on issues often  turn into political posturing.  A wonderful close friend remarked a few days ago, after attending Congressman Antonio Delgado's swearing in ceremony, this about Senator Chuck Schumer, "... I am so glad to report that he was so great and funny and relaxed and not at all like he is on TV!!! I wish he could do that more often."

Need I say more?  No, but I probably will.

We are now experiencing the petulant child we elected president refusing to let the government run until he is assured funding for his absurd wall.  The part of this that I find most disturbing is the ability of one person, Mitch McConnell, to stall a veto proof majority vote to reopen the government simply by refusing to allow it.  WTF?  If one person can stop the legislative process, where is our representative democracy?  I don't understand.  The US Constitution assures us that the branches of government created by the document are co-equal bodies.  Why then does McConnell await the child's permission to move the government along?  And why has the Senate not replaced this man with someone who cares about the USA?  Is there no way the Senate majority can say "This man is not serving to lead; let's replace him."?

This old crotchety concerned citizen wants to know.