March Hair

 One of the interesting events in my life these past several months of isolation is seeing the changes in the hair on some of my friends.   I mostly like noticing male friends whose hair has always been neatly trimmed, now sporting shoulder length tresses.  These longer doos are still neatly brushed and groomed and have become a comfortable part of the individual's identity.  

Mine, on the other hand (or head), has not succumbed to any regimen of daily care to speak of.  It has grown to shoulder length, shown indications of the curliness of half a century or more ago without the fabled thickness that my aunts and female cousins used to envy, and generally has become an unruly series of isolated grey/white strands flaring out in arbitrary directions.  There is woefully little of it, anyway.  When I did get my hair cut, pre pandemic, it was about every two months.  Since the nasty COVID-19 bug arrived, it's been about a year-and-a-half since any scissor has touched my tresses.  Not that it's a major event when one does, given the paltry number of follicles that actually produce anything.  That said, I finally made an appointment to get it done.  I am "fully vaccinated" so I feel free to branch out from my hermitage, and hair is one of the first priorities.  Full disclosure - I'm more interested in getting the hair in my ears and nose taken care of than on my head.

I've babbled enough about follicular situations for now.  Until next time.