Saturday, April 21, 2012

Being too Busy and Other Excuses

In my defense, I have been rehearsing for a play four nights a week for the past month, traveling to Louisiana for a week long visit, visiting a chiropractor three mornings a week for a pinched nerve in my neck, and being totally overwhelmed at the amount of work that is mounting up on the home front.  I did not write anything of substance during that month, nor did I send out any queries or manuscripts.  My workout schedule has slipped from three - five days a week to one or two.

Feeling sorry for me yet?  That's okay I'm doing fine feeling sorry for myself.  I'm hoping that writing this will help me rise from the pity-pot and get my ass in gear again.  I'll let you know how it works in a few days.

I'm on the porch, looking across the road at Bob's barn-house, fronted by the white blossoms of a flowering dogwood,  yellow and lavandar hues from some flowers I can't identify, and a magnificent bush  covered in rose-pink blossoms.  A lovely way to spend a couple of hours musing and writing, don't you think?

Okay, newsy stuff now.

First the play:  It's Jane Eyre - the Musical.  Having read the story many decades ago, I was skeptical to say the least that a musical could be made of it.  However, it works and is actually quite good.  I have a small part as Robert, the butler at Thornfield.  Don't look for him in the book; he is a creation of the playwright.  Check out 90 Miles Off Broadway for details.

The Chiropractor:  I have a few compressed vertebrae in my neck, 'cause I'm old.  Anyway, something threw stuff out of alignment - a workout, moving sheets of plywood maybe, or something else I don't remember - I ignored the building pain, hoping it would disappear.  It didn't.  When it got bad enough that I couldn't function, I started to do something about it.  The adjustments are helping but it's not gone yet.  A couple more weeks of them should do it.

Home-front work:  Other than the usual mowing, painting, spring clean up, I have to deal with a winter-long rodent infestation in the camper.  I have set poison baits in the machine to eradicate those who still inhabit the beast - when it comes to rodents in my rig, I have no heart.  Did you know that they will eat wooden spoons?  The baits are in place and will be checked regularly.  I fondly hope that will clear them out so I can strip the machine and inspect the damage more closely.  I know they've gotten to some of the wiring in addition to the spoons and some of the dry food we kept in the machine.  Big, distasteful job ahead.

Okay, I've written enough for now.  Let's see if it helps.  More very soon.