Monday, January 1, 2018

Good Morning 2018

Goodbye 2017

The brutal cold of the last week
of a brutal year is still with us
though the year has gone
the way of all years.

The naked maples in our woods
still carry the powder
of the last snow on their
windward trunks.

We sit in our many-windowed
sunroom, cats and computers
in our laps.  A typical morning,
no different from so many others.

Each of us living our morning
routine, no resolutions announced
to begin this even-numbered year,
some differences apparent though,

this icy morning, a private resolve?
A secret promise to change something
in ourselves, unannounced because
we may, likely will, fail?

And so we begin the new year with
small unremarkable changes
in our unremarkable lives.