Saturday, July 28, 2012

A Tale of Two Countries

The enormous separation between the rich and the poor keeps widening.  The irrational greed of the rich is exceeded only the incredible ignorance of the majority.  We have taken our democracy for granted so long that the apathy it fostered has led us to this crisis.  And it is a crisis; make no mistake.  We have been dumbed down by endless, mindless,
television shows which are interrupted by equally endles commercials informing us of all the medications we need to function, the soaps, cars, trips, loans, phones, etc. that we must have.  It might be interesting to compare the number of TV's, cell phones, computers, and ipods in a household to the number of books that are not cookbooks or self-help books.

It has been proven empirically over the years that a trickle down economic philosophy does not work.  It was so obvious that it couldn't that one has to be a little surprised that it took so long, or that there are some people still touting its merits.  What would work is the opposite, a trickle up economy.  By making sure that workers at the bottom of the food chain had enough discretionary income to by things that are not essential to survival, we could not help but build a strong consumer economy again, for that is what the US is based on, consumption.