Sunday, September 29, 2019

The Pen-in-Hand Mystery and Other Musings

No, I'm not gonna whine about how hard it is for me to write every day, well maybe that will come out but it's not the topic of this musing.  What I need help with is a bit of sleuthing from those of you who frequently watch interviewers on TV channels other than PBS - I don't.

Here's the thing: every interviewer on PBS holds a pen between the first and second fingers of his/her right or left hand, depending, I suspect, on which appendage they write with.  I say suspect  because I've not ever seen any of them actually write something.  Adding to the oddness, the nib is directed at the interviewee or the ceiling, meaning the interviewer must flip the pen in order to write and place it between thumb and forefinger (unless they are one of the rare individuals who writes with the instrument between the initial digits.). So let me know via comment on this blog, on my musings Facebook page, or whatever.  My public needs to know.

PSA(s) - For those of you who have mourned the end of Downton Abby.  The movie is terrific!  If you're wandering around Hudson NY after 5:00 and get hungry I highly recommend Lil' (their apostrophe placement) Deb's Oasis 747 Columbia Street.  It's a funky place with a great creative menu and good wine.  While we're talking about Hudson, it's worth a day trip to walk on Warren Street and check out the various shops, restaurants, and even the list of available real estate.  I'm attracted to all the spaces between buildings on the street.  Some have benches and landscaping, others a bit of sculpture or the like.  The buildings themselves have the charm of age and a kind of belonging on Warren.

By the way, if you intend to dine at Deb's place, they open at 5:00.  Best to keep walking east on Warren, turn left at 8th and left again at Columbia and you can't miss it.  After dinner continue down Columbia a bit and you will come upon Time and Space Limited.  Stop in and see what's happening.  Further along you'll find Club Helsinki, Hudson version.

Hope you enjoy yourself.