Thursday, April 22, 2010

Back Home

Back from a trip to Louisiana, spending a week with family.   The weather was remarkable, 70's and low humidity daytime and 50's at night.  Gotta love spring in the south. 

On the trip down, my connection out of Baltimore left late afternoon.  As we climbed toward our cruising altitude the low sun reflecting off the water, car windows, and skylights made it seem like diamonds were scattered all around.  Amazing what the right light can do to otherwise ordinary sights.  I arrived in New Orleans a little before 8:00 and was sitting in Kelly's kitchen in Patterson having a beer by 9:45. 

I am always nurtured by the beauty of the bayou country, the wood ducks and egrets starting their morning, the glassy stillness of the Teche before the locks open, it's a special place.  The one disturbing thing about being there is the lack of recycling of trash in the area.  bottles, cans, paper, motor oil, etc. are just tossed in the landfill.  The only place I've notice any recycling activity at all is at the local WalMart.  Paradoxically, I never see any trash floating on the Teche and very little along the roadsides.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Here we go

A while back I talked about the ever-expanding gulf between the political left and political right.  I worried that one of the outcomes could be civil war.  Well folks, now it begins.  One of the wingnuts in the Tea Party Movement in Oklahoma is prodding the state legislature to authorize the formation of a state militia - to keep the federal government from overrunning the state, I guess.  The really scary part is that there are apparently legislators considering the issue.

Anyway, spring is springing, not quite sprung yet but on its way.  Let's hope the wingnuts on both sides let us enjoy it.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Movie cliches

We watched Revolutionary Road last night.  I recommend it if you don't mind being depressed for a while. 

That said, I really want to see a movie scene where the actor is in a rage and does not sweep a bunch of crap off a table or desk or counter.  How about just having the person scream or something?

The Catskills are greening rapidly.  Our weeping cherry is in full bloom.  People are outside cleaning up their yards.  Spring is definitely here.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Walking dogs

Carol and I returned yesterday from a long sunny camping weekend in Elk Neck State Park, Md.  I think spring is about here.

This was the shakedown cruise for our new camper and it performed flawlessly.  Nineteen mpg from a vehicle with a kitchen, bathroom and bedroom ain't too shabby.  I will be adding Roadtrek Reflections to the Rialta Diaries on my website in the not-to-distant future I suppose.  I have two more Rialta trips to edit and upload first.

I've got a question for anyone out there.  Does it make more sense to scoop up dog feces in a plastic bag that won't decompose for centuries, or to let it decompose by the roadside in less than a month naturally?  I can understand cleaning up after your dog in a populated area, but I've seen folks poop scoop on country roads and even in the woods.  Help me with this.