Monday, February 13, 2017

The Accidental President - or a case of the DT's

Truth is he tossed his hat in the ring as an ego trip, something he takes on a daily basis, but because of the clown car of GOP candidates that vied with him, and because the die-hard republican voters were weary of bending over and getting screwed by their representatives, he won the primary.  Meanwhile, the democratic in-crowd  hoisted their chosen candidate to the top in spite of the warning signs they should have seen in the popularity of her primary opponent. 

So the final run for the roses was between the petulant child-man who incited anger, racism, and misogyny in his constituency, and the woman with more experience at the top levels of government than probably any candidate in history.  

Her experience was a mixed blessing because, through judicious spinning of events opponents could accuse her of everything from ineptness to treason.  She was also the woman who gave her philandering husband a pass rather than castrating him.  Even with those handicaps she garnered about three million more votes than her opponent, but candidates win by getting the most electoral votes. 

So she lost, probably because her campaign ignored a few states that were normally in her party's pocket, while the man-child did not, but whether or not that factored into the result is at this point irrelevant.  What matters is he now occupies the White House.

What matters even more is his party controls both houses of Congress.

What matters most perhaps is his puppet masters - The Steves, Bannon and Miller.  None of the three have even a nodding acquaintance with the truth.  Nor do they care.

It is an unfortunate fact (not and alt-fact) that a lie told repeatedly without being called out, soon becomes believed, becomes a truth.  It is imperative that anytime Tweety and his handlers make a public statement, it is refuted if untrue (almost a certainty.)

So fasten your seat belts journalists, columnists, tweeters, and don't let the lies stand.

Now the next chore:

How do we get back to a semblance of democracy in our country?  First by making the 2018 election count.  Every member of the House of Representatives is up for reelection.  Many will return to their seats due to gerrymandered districts that insure their party has the voting majority.

We must have those districts redrawn based solely on population - the intent of the constitutional directive establishing the legislature. Without that change, a fair election of our representation is not possible.  Push your state governments to undo that wrong.  In New York it apparently takes a constitutional amendment.  Right now the state legislature draws the congressional districts after the national census determines the portion of the 450 representatives the state is allotted based population.

Whatever party is in power in the state controls the redrawing of the congressional districts.  Can anyone guess how that works out?

Okay folks, while we endure and fight the DT's, Let's also think about that.

If I keep grumbling to myself about the latest lies and the need to resist, I'll never get this posted.  I'll be back sooner than a month next time.

Bye for now.  Resist the lies but with forethought not anger.  I know that's hard but anger they can fight, reason they can't.