Monday, May 27, 2019

Some Things are Just Wrong!

Throughout my several careers I have been an agent of change.  Whenever I heard any variation of the phrase We've always done it that way, I knew I could find a better method.  I delighted in throwing radical ideas against a wall of tradition to see if it would develop a crack that let in the light of change. I thrive on chaos (for evidence come visit my home office.)  Why then does this particular situation bother me to the point of distraction?

The photo shows the container that holds a week's supply of my vitamins - C1000, D3 2000, B100 Complex, Magnesium Citrate, and Aline Probiotic - in case you were wondering.  All but Aline come in bottles of a hundred or more.  Aline comes in a box containing several packets, each providing a week's supply.  Two weeks ago my vitamin ingestion schedule was disrupted for a few days due to circumstances beyond my control.  The photo shows the filled seven day container (trust me on that, and ignore the green pill cutter on the left.)  Below that is the most recent packet of Aline.  Note the three empty pods and the four that are undisturbed.  

I can think of no way to rectify the situation other than throwing the packet away (an expensive proposition) and starting anew the beginning of the next week.

Is thriving on chaos different from objecting to disorder in the cosmos?  Opinions welcome.