Wednesday, May 6, 2020

What's in a Name?

A few years ago we named our RV.  I wasn't permitted to call our new Roadtrek Adventurous an RV within earshot of my Flower Child Wife.  Reluctantly she agreed to the term Camper, though I felt silly using that term for a vehicle with a full kitchen, a bathroom, and a TV hookup. Even her sister said "You can call it a camper as long as you don't call what you do, camping!"

Things stayed that way until I came home one day with a life membership in Sam's Club, complete with a Life Member Tag attached to the back of the 'Camper'.  Knowing resistance was futile at that point, FCW retaliated by attaching an adhesive name tag next to the Life Member logo, filling in  SAM under 'MY NAME IS:'.  She then added several other attachments: 'I am Sam', 'Uncle Sam Wants You!', 'Green eggs and Ham'?!, and more.   It was kinda fun to see the protest materialize.

We then decided all our vehicles needed names.  (We are two people with four vehicles, including Sam.)  Carol's Plug-in Hybrid Prius became ELECTRA, my Subaru Forester became JOHN HENRY, and my 1992 Miata became JAZMINE, because FCW thought I should give it a sensually suggestive female name.

Some things have changed since we started naming: we sold Sam (the RV) and bought a camping trailer, soon named MOCKING JAY (it's a JAYCO), and the forester went to our daughter Laura,  replaced by a new Honda Ridgeline named THE HULK because it's big and green (a shade called Sea Mist Green, that looks more gray than green.)

What can I say?  Doing this kind of thing amuses us old folks.  No apologies.

Until next time, stay safe and be patient,